The Gospel Simply Stated

I’m going to assume my ‘audience’ is someone with very little knowledge of the Christian faith and what they do ‘know’ is probably wrong or hopelessly skewed in the wrong direction. Imagine you are in a lift or something or time is short and you only have a few moments to impart the Christian Gospel. What would you say. I’m not addressing the incredible fact that God the Holy Spirit can use anything – even our foolishness and errors to bring people to Himself. However, we do have a responsibility to impart His message as it is the ordinary means by which He saves. Here’s my first attempt. To be honest it isn’t easy. 100 words doesn’t go very far. Feel free to comment. Have I met the criteria. Can it be done? If you are not a Christian reading this – what do you think? I could do it in fewer words, ‘believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved’ (Acts 16.31). That’s not the challenge though.

The Gospel Message in 100 Words

The Bible is a message from the Creator of all things. God gave a command to Adam & Eve, the first humans, but they rebelled and evil entered the world destroying a perfect relationship. Their offspring through the ages, us, also have this sinful nature. God must judge us when we die because of our wicked nature. But God is so full of love that He sent a rescuer. This Saviour had to die a terrible death as a substitute. His name is Jesus, and everyone calling upon Him for help and forgiveness will be rescued and taken to heaven.

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