House Rules

Comments Policy (shamelessly modified and borrowed from David Anderson)

The Internet can be a place (cyberspace) with little or no accountability. So here’s the small print…

  1. The ultimate rule: Round here, I am the arbitrary despot!
  2. Comments are in general open, though may be moderated or deleted.
  3. You should identify yourself with at least a name. (Preferably your real, full name)
  4. All rules are subject to arbitrary change at any time.
  5. This is my blog and although I’m not PC nor especially put off by strong language there is a line. I decide where the line is, but cross it and your comment will be deleted.
  6. Try and be respectful even where there is strong agreement.
  7. Try to be on topic – unintelligible or completely off topic comments may be deleted at my whim.
  8. If any of these rules cause you pain, consider not commenting. See rule 1.


Mike Iliff