About Exercised

This page is adapted from an older post to explain ‘why I blog’ and what ‘Exercised to Discern’ is about.

1. I have something to say. OK so do millions of others, but then why shouldn’t I

2. It’s a way of engaging with the culture. It makes me try and apply my Christian faith to whatever life throws at it – good and bad.

3. This might not seem like a good reason but actually I blog because I’m not very good at it. The only way to improve is to do it. My writing is not up to that much and I’m aware that my writing skills leave a lot to be desired – but I do want to improve.

4. It makes me accountable. I could sit and rant away (as I have) in a private journal but no-one would ever read it. But because I blog, people might actually read it. It makes no difference if anyone does or does not read it – the possibility that someone might, makes me accountable.

5. It also means I have to be discerning between good and evil, hence the title of the Blog. It’s something that has to be exercised. The blog is exercise.

6. It’s my desire to point people to The Lord Jesus Christ. This is my overall aim – call it an agenda if you like. It’s a glorious Gospel with a Glorious Saviour. I seek to honour Him.

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