Testimony of an Ex-Muslim

The latest White Horse Inn broadcast is an interview with Pastor Fikret Böchek. Fikret was raised as a Muslim (his parents are still Muslims) in Turkey but became a follower of The Lord Jesus. This is a really excellent interview and I would be very interested to know what Muslim friends think of it and the issues raised – so do leave a comment.

There are other resources and you can hear the interview by following This Link and clicking on the Audio. I’m not sure how long the audio will be available so don’t wait too long. If you miss it leave a comment and I’ll be in touch.

Here’s the blurb from the WHI site:

There are currently over a billion Muslims in the world, and according to many that number is likely to double over the next twenty years. How are we to reach this group with the gospel of Jesus Christ? What kinds of things do we need to know in order to be effective in our witness toward Muslims? On this program, Michael Horton discusses these questions with Fikret Böchek, who recounts his fascinating conversion from Islam and his current ministry among Muslims in Smyrna, Turkey.

This is a really fascinating and challenging interview. They are also providing links to a previous interview with Sam Solomon – an ex Muslim Jurist.

7 thoughts on “Testimony of an Ex-Muslim

  1. I have heard the testimonial mp3 as per your links. The answer is simple: The basic that he claimed is never mention in Quran / hadiths.

    Crucified – It was not “look like Jesus being crucified” actually Jesus is being raise to heaven in cave before he being captured (he never being capture actually). Allah change a person face who searching Jesus in cave then he is being crucified.

    Concept of sin – Baby is born pure, yes, external is make him sinner. By what? Father/ mother education, Abusive, Teaching, Friends, Environment, and etc.

    Sacrifice of animal during hajj – This animal being sacrificed is for foods, and meat is being distribute to orphanage, poor, country that can not eat meat and etc.

    Al-Qaeda as example – I will say to him, which book do you read? If really want to compare, allows Muslim to compare Christian with Ku Klux Clan. Than I fare.

    Quran confirm gospel – No, it said we must have faith there was Gospel of Jesus, but not go to gospel. Again which verse he refering.

    Rejection from family member – So Muslim is not rejected by Christian / Secular country? Are Muslim being accepted with big hug in Western country.

    He is from turkey, converted 1988. That time, Turkey is not under Islamic nation. From his explanation, he rarely read Quran and hadith. Not only Christian being abuse by government, Muslim also being abuse also. Simple : just read some history.

    For me the testimony is not worth to adapt as a case study.

  2. Hifzan says that Rev. Bocek’s claim is not mentioned in the Qur’an. Hifzan is wrong!

    The Qur’an is, of course, the primary source of Muslim belief and practice. Surah 4:157 states:

    “And because of [the Jews’] saying, ‘We killed Messiah ‘Isa, son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah,’ – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but the resemblance of ‘Isa was put over another man, and those who differ therein are full of doubts.” (Khan, MM. The Noble Qur’an. Riyadh. Darussalam, 1996, 15th edition)

    Here we have a clear denial of the crucifixion as Rev. Fikret Bocek stated in his interview. Note the idea that the likeness of Jesus was transferred onto another man.

    In the Muslim mind then, the issue is sealed: the Qur’an says it, so it must be. However, for the non-Muslim observer, this is not good enough. On something so important we would expect corroboration from other reliable sources. This would then help us to evaluate whether the Qur’an, a work at best from the 7th century, has any authority to pronounce on events in the 1st century.

    Rev. Fikret Bocek is right in saying that Qur’an clearly rejects Christ crucified!

    1. John,

      Don’t jump direct to conclusion, read my statement carefully,

      “Jesus is being raise to heaven in cave before he being captured (he never being capture actually). Allah change a person face who searching Jesus in cave then “He Is Being Crucified”.”

      Yes we denied that Jesus is not being crucified.
      Did I said there was no crucified? No, I didn’t said that, there have a crucifixion, but it was not Jesus. Just study back the verse you attach for me.

      This issue is not being sealed, please goggle for info. Debate is being held already regarding this matter between Christian pastor and Muslim

      “Was Jesus Crucified? “Ahmed Deedat vs Dr. Floyd E. Clark”
      Was Jesus Really Crucified? “Dr. Zakir Naik IRF vs. Pastor Ruknuddin Henry”

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