Reformation Discussion – Peter Lillback with Janet Mefford

The four main figures
The four main figures (Photo credit: keepps)

There was good Reformation introduction discussion on The Janet Mefford Show yesterday with Peter Lillback. Download HERE.

‘It’s Reformation Day and Janet will mark the occasion by talking with Westminster Theological Seminary President Peter Lillback. He’ll join Janet to discuss a new video series he hosts called, “The Protestant Revolt: A Study of the Protestant Reformation.”’

I didn’t know anything about the new Video series Dr Lillback talked about, but it sounds excellent. And I didn’t see anything on the WTS website either. I’ll post details when they become available.

Just in case there is anyone out there that actually thinks The Reformation started when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door – to be clear it, didn’t. It wasn’t like the second he stopped nailing – BAM, The Reformation was under way. A friend of mine (long since with his Lord) used to say when people start praying earnestly for revival – it’s already begun. And The Reformation is similar. God was already at work, and had been for some time. But The Reformation is a way of referring to an extended period of history all over Europe where The Gospel was being re-discovered. So why not celebrate October 31st as Reformation Day. It wouldn’t be a bad thing would it if Churches & individual Christians celebrated, talked about, discussed, lectured, read about, thought about The Reformation and the consequences of that great work brought about by God.

To listen to some excellent lectures go to my website here and scroll through for Reformation lectures. It’s made me think I should arrange a whole series on The Reformation for 2017. That will be 500 years after the nailing of The Theses. Watch this space!

If there were only two lectures to recommend it would be from 2005, Phil Arthur ‘Luther & The Bondage of the Will‘ and from 1984, Bob Sheehan on ‘The Legacy of Tyndale‘. Both speakers really know their onions!