Perspectives on Death

Yesterday I observed two quite different perspectives on death. Both the deaths of elderly people. One I knew, the other I didn’t.

How you doin? ‘Oh it’s a bit weird, my Nan died yesterday and it feels a bit strange. I don’t know. It’s all weird. But I guess that’s life’. I didn’t know her and I don’t know the person I spoke to that well.

The other I knew and her son is a very good friend of mine. ‘Mike, she’s gone, she’s gone home. She hasn’t gone down – she’s gone up. The family was all there at the end, it was powerful’.

And by powerful he meant God was in the situation. Maybe it doesn’t come across so well but it seems to me that one is at best resignation to a sad fact, and hopeless. The other, filled with hope through the Gospel of Jesus.

It doesn’t matter who we are, our background, wealth, position, you name it, we all have to pass the way of death. Will your end be hopeless or full of hope? And just so there’s no misunderstanding – the Bible uses the word hope with confident certainty.

4 thoughts on “Perspectives on Death

  1. The hope in Christ is powerful, being redeemed by Jesus’ blood and sacrifice so we can be right with God and be with Him in eternity forever.

    My condolences.

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