The Abortion Debate – Tonight

Arrived in my inbox. Don’t know if it will be recorded or available as a download.

5 thoughts on “The Abortion Debate – Tonight

  1. Surprise…Surprise not. .is usually men…older people and orhers who are not able to have children themselves and who ads to the problem and not to a solution that are opposed to abortions. These people are the hypocrites that if you were to ask…how many adopted children in their household the answer will more and often is zero as in”0″

      1. Well I will never endorse using abortions as contraceptives. On the other hand some of these closed minded people trully have no honor nor principles since they think that they are righteous and can decide for everyone else. I will never understand why some of these people call themselves pro life. ..but have no second thoughts about taking the life of another. such as the physicians who perform abortions….either way . guess they forgotten that he/she was once a fetus… Now it seems that the whole idea behind their thinking is punishment to women for having sex by forcing them to get pregnant. otherwise why would they be attempting to replace anti contraceptives with placebos. ..not sure about you. but I believe these type of people are twisted and truly ill. By the way..working along side physicians who perform abortions and counseling woman who elected to have abortions ..I can honestly tell you ..I never seen one single woman jumping for joy and or celebration. .this by far is not an easy decision to make.

  2. Neither would I endorse ‘taking the life of another. such as the physicians who perform abortions’. You make it sound like a regular occurrence when the fact is it’s extremely rare and in the one or two (deplorable) cases where this has happened it’s been extreme fundamentalist ‘Christians’. Unless you can provide some actual evidence that is.

    But I agree, it’s not taken lightly – but that still doesn’t make it right does it. I could say that about anything. O, it was a really difficult decision to (insert whatever) so that makes it ok. Using you own argument, O it was a really difficult decision to kill the abortionist so it makes it ok – not it doesn’t does it.

    Anyway, appreciate your commenting.

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