Responses to ‘Unbelievable’ show on Apologetic Methodology

I’m not sure if Justin (Brierly) is aware of at least two responses to his programme with Scott Oliphint & Kurt Jaros. But apart from the Reformed Forum there has been another response from James White on The Dividing Line. I must admit to being completely unaware of this ‘show’ so thanks to my friend Jim over at The Domain for Truth for linking to The Dividing Line.

James White is a bit bolder than I have been but Justin as we know is committed to another apologetic method. So even if I email him it’s unclear whether he will listen these two programmes – but I’ll let him know anyway.

Links to James White’s two broadcasts ‘A Special Apologetics Methodology Dividing Line – Parts 1 & 2 Below.

The Dividing Line – Part 1

The Dividing Line – Part 2 (From about 15 minutes in on part 2 for the ‘Unbelievable’ discussion)

James White has been on ‘Unbelievable’ a couple of times so maybe Justin will have him on to discuss Apologetic Methodology?

Prsuppositional (Covenantal) Apologetics & Evidence

RF logoPartly in response to the ‘Unbelievable’ broadcast with Scott Oliphint – and an ongoing commitment to Reformed Apologetics – The Reformed Forum put together their latest broadcast ‘The Nature and Use of Apologetic Evidences‘.

The Unbelievable program hosted by Justin Brierly had Kurt Jaros on with Scott Oliphint. Reformed Forum responded in several places to the questions of Kurt Jaros.

To be truthful there was a lot wrong with the ‘Unbelievable’ Presuppositional show. The main cause for this – in my opinion – is many Christians (and unbelievers for that matter) simply do not – or will not –  understand the Covenental methodology. Because of this Kurt and probably many other Christians end up having to deny what the Bible plainly states about God & Man in order to defend an evidential method.

I would suggest listening to both programs and then honestly evaluate each method in the light of what the Bible actually teaches. That’s not meant to be unkind or unduly harsh but it is what happened with Kurt & Justin.

K Scott Oliphint on ‘Unbelievable’

Rev. Dr. K. Scott OliphintJustin Brierly, host of ‘Unbelievable‘ had on his program yesterday K Scott Oliphint Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Normally Justin tries to have an Atheist or Skeptic on debating with a Christian. But yesterday as he does occasionally had two Christians discussing different apologetic methodologies. Representing Evidentialism was Kurt Jaros of Real Clear Apologetics. Let’s hope his apologetic will soon be a lot clearer.

Many thanks to Justin for getting Scott Oliphint on and righting a wrong as it were in terms of Apologetic representation.

I didn’t know Scott had a new book coming out on PA (Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith) so maybe Justin could have him back on with an atheist to discuss it. My only slight criticism of an otherwise excellent program was that Scott wasn’t always given the time to finish his points – the draw back of a radio schedule I guess – but I thought Scott was still able to put across the Covenantal (Presuppositional) approach and begin to show how it’s very misunderstood.

Presuppositional or Covenantal Aplogetics is the only method that is able to present the Christian faith as anything other than a probability. Sadly, it seems to me that so many Christians hand the Christian faith over as nothing more than a probability.

The program is well worth a listen and could be a good place to start if PA is new to you as the questions put to Scott are ones that many opposed to, or misunderstand this method are probably asking.

Follow link for Unbelievable and download the broadcast. Or download via iTunes player