Where we are all headed

Winfield Cemetery

Went to the funeral yesterday. Back at work a couple of people asked how it went. I sort of had in mind the succinct answer – ‘Jesus Christ was at the centre and so it was a service full of hope.’ There’s very little hope around today – or that’s how it can seem given the world in which we live. In some ways a funeral is the last place you would expect to find hope but actually if we can’t find it there in the face of death we are just kidding ourselves. Trevor spoke well of his Mum and spoke more so of the Saviour. It was mentioned that Bronwen had a simple uncomplicated faith and probably had difficulty in articulating it. She couldn’t really engage in theological discussion but had nevertheless pre-arranged her funeral hymns. The striking feature of her hymn choices was this – they were all about her Saviour Jesus. Being dead she yet speaks volumes and so even in her death she is a great example of faith. Trevor said she had a simple faith – ‘and that’s the best kind isn’t it!’ It’s a faith that’s enviable. You will not be surprised to know that Trevor is a fine preacher of the Gospel – though not preaching here did preach at my Fathers funeral.

Where we are all headed

Looking down into the grave I was able – again – to see my own end. The end of life on earth as we know it anyway – but not the end of life. There’s a hymn that has the line ‘not the grave but the sky is our goal’ speaking of when The Lord Jesus Christ returns in Glory to gather to himself all those that have trusted in Him and His redeeming work and to judge the world.

The cemetery where we sang ‘Jesus, Jesus all sufficient being telling is thy worth’ is the same one where my mother and father are buried.

Mum & Dad

Here’s a picture of their gravestone. I have been to several funerals and there are many believers buried in this place. Every time there’s a burial several comment on what a day it will be when the dead in Christ shall rise to meet their Saviour – and there are a lot of them at Winfield Cemetery!

Knowing where we are all headed should cause us, now, to place our trust in Christ, the only hope for sinners. Without a Saviour you will have to stand before the Judgement on your own.  Think about that. No matter how good your example in this life, they will be of no use in that day. That why we need an Advocate with the Father – this we have in Jesus and no other.