Limited Atonement

John Samson has stood in on the Dividing Line while James White is away. His broadcast on Limited Atonement or more preferably Particular Redemption is well worth a listen.

There were a number of reminders that echoed my own grappling with this doctrine. What clinched it for me was a combination of The High Priestly prayer (John 17: 1-26) and the specific Stones on the Breastplate worn over the heart by the High Priest. As John Samson so rightly said – once you see it, you see it everywhere. At the time I was asking a lot of ministers about this and the best advice came from Stuart Olyott when he said ‘you need to see it for yourself’. In other words, you need to search the Scriptures!

It took me a lot longer than the 9 months it took John though! At the time I was involved in an Open-Air preaching ministry and needed to sort out the question – what do we say to people? To cut a long story short: Particular Redemption means we can offer a full Gospel of absolute certainty. Praise God Jesus came and completed the work and not some sort of half-hearted effort that saves no-one.

And so we are able to say with confidence ‘For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved’. Romans 10:13

Here’s the You Tube of it:



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