Ideology Strikes again

It’s not often that I’m drop-jawed when listening to the news: but I was about half an hour ago when I heard

A couple have had three foster children removed from their care because they belong to the UK Independence Party.

To see more on this story go to BBC News. The story is on the front page of the Daily Telegraph.

For those outside the UK – UKIP is a main-stream political party and the children were removed because of UKIP’s position on Immigration and were seen by Rotheram City council as racist.

My immediate thought on hearing this was this; if a council can do this to a political party what will they do to Christians that have a different view on ‘Marriage’ for example.

If you are a minority that fits with an underlying Anti-Christian program you will be fine – but if not look out! I don’t think UKIP are any more supportive of Christian values that any other of the anti-Christian mainstream but it’s certainly a shot across the bows as councils flex their muscles. We’ll see if Rotherham gets away with it – doubtful this time. But the future looks bleak for this country. I can’t believe how far we have fallen. The US should look on this and beware.