Protected / Not Protected – Inversion of Western Morals

The deceased chickens
The chickens – now deceased

When we moved in a couple of months ago the previous owner asked if they could leave the chickens because they could take them. My wife had wanted chickens for a long time but we’d never had the space. So we agreed. It didn’t take long to name them – Colin the cockerel and Sybil & Bertha. Naively we let them wander around the property and just put them away for the night. In the morning there was usually an egg. They were great fun to watch and it was anybody’s guess as to where they would be. Real free range!

They lasted for about two months. Fist Sybil. Next day it was Colin. Really upsetting – it’s amazing how quickly we got quite attached to them. No guesses – it was a fox. There was no time to put fencing up so Bertha was taken to a friends – not as good as our place for her but alive. Hopefully we can have her back sometime. Our neighbour was surprised they lasted as long as they did.

File:Fox study 6.jpg

My wife saw the fox a couple of times. Quite big but scrawny. I shot a rat the other day with my air rifle. I’m thinking whether I need a more substantial weapon in order to deal with the fox. Maybe an Uzi 9mm. If it comes on our property or anywhere near that fox will be for it. My wife started looking into suitable runs or pens for chickens that would give protection against a fox. The fox is quite a predator, determined and wily. They bite though a lot of fencing as well. During this research we found out that fox’s are a protected creature. I wished I didn’t know that so I could shoot it in all ignorance. But now I do. So it can have our chickens without any reprisals.

This got me thinking. The fox is protested. But an unborn child is not protected. How many thousands of babies are aborted – murdered. And yet, if I were to kill a fox on my property to defend our chickens I could face a fine or imprisonment. Somethings not right!

Preborn baby

Some time ago a friend of ours was out collecting / petitioning for LIFE (pro life organisation) when someone stopped to ask if it was for animal rights. When they were told it was for ‘pro life‘ anti-abortion they said ‘oh, not interested then’ and walked on. Not an uncommon attitude I suspect.

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