Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes

Field of Potatoes
Field of Potatoes

On my way to work I stopped to take this picture of a field of potatoes. It made me think of an Autobiography I read years ago by William Jay of Bath. There are only three things I can remember about the book.

1. He ministered in Bath (an old Roman town)

2. It was an unusually long ministry of 60 + years.

And finally, and this is the point of the field of potatoes. William Jay said this,

‘people that put their trust in relatives are like potatoes – the best part is underground’.

What he meant was that when people say ‘my Father or Grandfather was a Christian, or my Mother or Grandmother was a Christian and so on,  they see no need to personally have faith in Christ by repenting and believing the Gospel.

The Autobiography of William Jay, Banner of Truth


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