Pilgrims Progress – Mason’s Notes 7

Christian: But, said Christian, are there no turnings nor windings, by which a stranger may lose his way?

Goodwill: Yes, there are many ways butt down upon this, and they are crooked and wide: but thus thou mayest distinguish the right from the wrong, the right only being strait and narrow (Matthew 7:14).

Then I saw in my dream, that Christian asked him further, if he could not help him off with his burden that was upon his back. For as yet he had not got rid thereof; nor could he by any means get it off without help.

He told him, “As to thy burden, be content to bear it until thou comest to the place of deliverance (a); for there it will fall from thy back of itself.”

Mason’s Note (a)

There is no deliverance from the guilt and burden of sin, but by the death and blood of Christ. Here observe, that, though a sinner, at his first coming to Christ, finds some comfort and encouragement, yet, he may not have a clear sense of pardon, and assurance of the forgiveness of his sins, but he may still feel the burden of them.

Then Christian began to gird up his loins, and to address himself to his journey. So the other told him, that by that he was gone some distance from the gate, he would come to the house of the Interpreter (b), at whose door he should knock, and he would show him excellent things. Then Christian took his leave of his friend, and he again bid him God speed.

Then he went on till he came at the house of the Interpreter (b), where he knocked over and over. At last one came to the door, and asked who was there.

Mason’s Note (b)

Christian comes to the house of the Interpreter; which means the Lord, the Spirit, the teacher of his people.

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