Pilgrims Progress – Mason’s Notes 6

No 6 in a series of posts from Mason’s Notes on Pilgrim Progress.

Goodwill: That mountain (the Law) has been the death of many, and will be the death of many more: it is well you escaped being by it dashed in pieces.

Christian: Why truly I do not know what had become of me there, had not Evangelist happily met me again as I was musing in the midst of my dumps; but it was God’s mercy that he came to me again, for else I had never come hither. But now I am come, such a one as I am, more fit indeed for death by that mountain, than thus to stand talking with my Lord. But O, what a favour is this to me, that yet I am admitted entrance here! (y)

Mason’s Note (y)

It is a sure sign of a genuine work of grace, when the heart ascribes all to grace. Here is no talk of being faithful to grace; no ascribing any thing to his own free-will or power; but his escaping from destruction, and being yet in the way of salvation, are wholly resolved in the grace of the gospel, the mercy of God, and into his free favour and almighty power. It is sweet to converse with Jesus of his free grace to wretched and a unworthy sinners. Do you not find it so?

Goodwill: We make no objections against any, notwithstanding all that they have done before they come hither; they in no wise are cast out. And therefore good Christian, come a little way with me, and I will teach thee about the way thou must go. Look before thee; dost thou see this narrow way? That is the way thou must go. It was cast up by the patriarchs, prophets, Christ, and his apostles, and it is as strait as a rule can make it; this is the way thou must go.

Christian: But, said Christian, (z) are there no turnings nor windings, by which a stranger may lose his way?

Mason’s Note (z)

Christian is afraid of losing his way; a blessed sign of a gracious heart when it possesses good jealousy.

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