Pilgrim’s Progress – Mason’s Notes (1)

250px-Bunyan_in_prisonThis will be the first of several posts from Mason’s Notes.  Quotations from Pilgrim’s Progress can be found at Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

As I walked through the wilderness of this world, I lighted on a certain place where was a den*, *Bedford jail, in which the author was imprisoned for conscience’ sake.’

Mason’s Note for ‘den’

The Jail.  Mr Bunyan wrote this precious book in Bedford Jail, where he was confined on account of his religion.  The following anecdote is related of him: a Quaker came to the jail, and thus addressed him: “Friend Bunyan, the Lord sent me to seek for thee, and I have been through several counties in search of thee: and now I am glad I have found thee.”  To which Mr Bunyan replied: ” Friend, thou doth not speak truth in saying, the Lord sent thee to seek me; for the Lord well knows that I have been in this jail for some years; and if he had sent thee, he would have sent thee here directly.

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