Peter Jeffery – Speaking on the Blessings of his time in Rugby

When Peter Jeffery ministered in Rugby there was a wonderful time of refreshing from the Lord. During that time I became a Christian, my wife became a Christian, we were also married by Peter and my parents also became Christians.

The Gospel was powerfully preached regularly. The Cross of Christ was preached regularly and was central to the ministry. In-bedded in my soul through Peter’s ministry was a love for the Gospel and a fierce jealousy for maintaining its purity. The abiding conviction given to me by The Lord was of the Truth of the Gospel.

Peter has spoken of his ministry several times. It was hoped he would be speaking at his church Sunday evening but was not well enough. As a contingency they recorded what he would have spoken if he were fit enough. The videos are in three parts below. Under God I owe Peter a lot. Enjoy

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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