Kindle Surprise!

You’ve seen those Kindle things – all over the place they are. I’ve kind of looked at them. Well, now I have one. My kids clubbed together to buy one for Christmas. Not ever really thinking about buying one, it was s bit of a surprise and the thought ran through my mind – will I really use this. Having played with it for a while and downloaded a few books – the answer is, yes I will.

But what a way they set me up for it. I felt the wrapping and knew it was a book. And from the size of it I hoped it was the  volume of Systematic Theology by Michael Horton – I had dropped a few hints. When I opened the wrapping, it was a book alright! A Gardening Book! I tried to be appreciative, knowing they had my best interests at heart. Gardening is not my thing at all. But! When I opened up the book there inside was a Kindle. Wahoo. They had cut out the inside of the book (The idea of my daughter Lydia)  to fit a Kindle – absolutely brilliant. A real surprise, I had no idea at all.

I have downloaded the sample of Michael Horton’s Systematic Theology, The ESV Bible (print price £22.38 Kindle price £0.00) and put a PDF file on it. If I spot any FREE Kindle books that may be of interest I’ll put up a post about them.

The plan now is to try to modify it. If the modifications happen, and I have some ideas, I’ll post about them here.

5 thoughts on “Kindle Surprise!

    1. Hello Hifzan, good to hear from you. I trust you are well.
      I’ve had my Kindle now for a few months. There is now a new one out but I can’t comment on that. It really depends on how you want to use it and what you are expecting to get from it. I have the one without a built in keyboard, this makes it more portable but more difficult to take notes. As a portable reading device it’s really excellent. Many bargains are to be had and there is loads of free stuff out there. There are many free Bibles (I would go for the ESV & AV) to be had and I think there is a free version of the Koran. I would like to get the (free) Koran but I’m not sure which one to get so if you could recommend a suitable translation I would be very grateful.
      I would definitely recommend one but if I could afford an iPad I would probably get that instead – though having said that the Kindle is so portable I would like both.
      Regards, Mike

      1. Mike,

        I am fine. Thank you.
        Here Samsung Galaxy Tab is more popular than Ipad. I have try it, but it not fulfill my purpose. My job is looking at LCD screen 7 hrs a days, so I try to avoid to buy LCD glaring as Ipad or Galaxy. I think I going to order Kindle.

        I have buy one hard copy Bible NIV. I think NIV have easier English, you know, English is not my 1st language and I already read through 1/4 of NT.

        You can get free translation of Quran here :
        I recommended to use Yusuf Ali Translation.

        Thanks and regards, Hifzan

        1. Hi Hizan,

          Thanks for the recommendation. You might find the ESV very easy to read though the NIV is probably a simpler English.

          You will find the Kindle very easy on the eyes as there is no glare at all. I have the Kindle 4 – £89.00.

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