Islam – Religion of Peace?

I’m learning more and more about Islam. I would like Islam to be a religion of peace – but is it, really?

Today we had an Iranian couple with us for lunch – both Christians. They both came to the UK a few years ago and after arriving in the UK became Christians. Theirs was a fascinating and thrilling story of how they both found Christ to be the true Saviour.

I asked what the situation would be for the husband to go back to Iran. His reply was that it would be very dangerous for him. If the authorities were to find out he was a Christian upon entering the country he would be arrested on the spot and taken away at the very least and could possibly be killed. If he were to enter Iran and by some means the authorities found out he had converted from Islam to Christianity he could expect a knock on the door at any time (The Midnight Knock as we sometimes call it) and be arrested and possibly killed. These fears are founded purely on the basis of the authorities finding out about his conversion.

My question is therefore this: If Islam really is a ‘religion of peace’ as we are continually being told by the likes of Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, David Cameron, George Bush, The BBC and of course Muslims – why would they want to kill someone who chooses to leave Islam? What are they frightened of? When will our politicians realise they are playing with fire. I’m bound to say that not all Muslims behave like this – but as far as I can tell these peaceful moderate Muslims are inconsistent (thankfully) with the teachings of their own prophet and the Qur’an.

This couple, and particularly the husband really had to count the cost when he became a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ. He would love to go home and see his family but can’t because it’s too dangerous. Most of us Christians in the West do not have these choices to make. Let’s continue to pray for the Muslim world that many more would find Christ to be The Way, The Truth and The Life.

If a Muslim would care to comment on this situation I would be grateful.

3 thoughts on “Islam – Religion of Peace?

  1. Actually it was a big issue in Islam, to conserve the teaching of Islam. And actually it was a heavy to topic for me to comment regarding this issue. I also can not comment much because my knowledge is also limited. I know there was a law that can kill apostate, but that is a last choice after all other solution can not be made and there must be a reason of it. Islam is a religion based Quran & Sunnah and fact.

    And also Iran is Shia country, Which myself is Sunni. I also do not familiar with Iran law of apostasy and Shia Law.

    So I would like you to visit below website to study upon this.

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