Goodbye old faithful

'Old Faithful'

Christmas is a time for new things – and sometimes out with the old. Today I put into the bin our old Filter Coffee Maker . This was bought as a wedding present for us just over 28 years ago by my Best Man (Thanks Mike) and wife. My default is to try to fix things. The machine was leaking from somewhere in the water container and so after each brew a pool of water gathered underneath. The only thing I could think of was ‘Rad-weld’ but on reflection decided that wasn’t a very good idea – so it had to go in the bin. It’s my wife that uses it most as I’m really a confirmed Tea Drinker; So her Christmas present was a shiny new one – but I’m guessing it won’t last as long as our old Phillips one. ‘They don’t make em like they used to’ and ‘all things come to an end’. I’ve attached a picture of the old faithful, then it was to the bin.

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