Clergy Fear Prosecution

It’s interesting isn’t it. I was looking through the Stonewall website and clicked on the link to the Police – eventually arriving at the Diversity statement (see previous post). And then, checking through the email inbox find an article from The Telegraph ‘Clergy could be sued if they refuse to carry out ‘gay marriages’, traditionalists fear’.

It’s a funny thing – The House of Lords vote to allow Civil Partnerships to take place in Church, The Police have detailed Diversity statements and then Clergy fear prosecution for following a religious belief. It’s clear then, some one or some group of some-ones is going to suffer discrimination. Let’s think about who that will be. If two people want a Civil Partnership then I have absolutely no doubt they would be able to find a member of the Clergy to accommodate them. The question is, will this happen? Or will people seek offence and therefore the ‘right’ to claim discrimination or the ‘right’ to suffer a hate related crime. That is the fear. But in this case surely the Clergy could equally play the ‘Discrimination Card’ as they were targeted for holding a ‘Traditional’ religious belief. Under Warwickshire Police Diversity members of the Clergy have an equal right to a ‘religion or belief’. This particular belief has been taught for centuries and, is protected under current diversity policy.

It’s clear the whole concept of toleration is a nonsense because in practice someone will be forced to play the part of the ‘Intolerant’. I wonder who that will be?

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