BBC Manipulates the news – evidence

There will no doubt be a concerted attempt at cleaning up any efforts at linking Islam with the Woolwich murder.

BBC News 24 website shows ITV footage of a man with ‘Bloodied hands’ here.

Jihad Watch shows the same video here.

What’s the difference? The BBC edits out the reference to the Qur’an. It’s a fact our Government (and the US) needs to get its head round – The Qur’an does sanction the killing of ‘infidels’.

See Archbishop Cranmer again here.

More from Jihad Watch here. And the latest here with transcript.

2 thoughts on “BBC Manipulates the news – evidence

  1. The Qur’an is indeed linked to this. So horrible what happened to that man who had his life taken. I pray that justice is served.

  2. Sometimes I think the media (apparently not just in the US) wants everyone to put their heads to the sand concerning the real root of this problem is the Qur’an and the Hadiths.

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