April 20th – Last Evening with Mr Spurgeon

[Reading this last night we couldn’t help wonder what Spurgeon might have thought about what’s going on in our land in this our day. The answer to the assaults upon the Church and upon the Word of God are the same as were for Spurgeon. We pray The Lord Jesus will lift His sword – not to fall upon the necks of the unbeliever as we have seen from some Muslims – but the Sword of His Word that people might be brought to repentance and faith and to bow the knee to King Jesus and to have the joy of sins forgiven and peace with God. How we should pray for the Gospel of Christ, the Gospel of a Crucified and Risen Saviour, to have free course in our land and to not be silenced by those who ‘will not have this man to reign over them’. The emphases below are mine]

April 20th Evening

“Fight the Lord’s battles.”
1 Samuel 18:17

The sacramental host of God’s elect is warring still on earth, Jesus Christ being the Captain of their salvation. He has said, “Lo! I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” Hark to the shouts of war! Now let the people of God stand fast in their ranks, and let no man’s heart fail him. It is true that just now in England the battle is turned against us, and unless the Lord Jesus shall lift his sword, we know not what may become of the church of God in this land; but let us be of good courage, and play the man. There never was a day when Protestantism seemed to tremble more in the scales than now that a fierce effort is making to restore the Romish antichrist to his ancient seat. We greatly want a bold voice and a strong hand to preach and publish the old gospel for which martyrs bled and confessors died. The Saviour is, by his Spirit, still on earth; let this cheer us. He is ever in the midst of the fight, and therefore the battle is not doubtful. And as the conflict rages, what a sweet satisfaction it is to know that the Lord Jesus, in his office as our great Intercessor, is prevalently pleading for his people! O anxious gazer, look not so much at the battle below, for there thou shalt be enshrouded in smoke, and amazed with garments rolled in blood; but lift thine eyes yonder where the Saviour lives and pleads, for while he intercedes, the cause of God is safe. Let us fight as if it all depended upon us, but let us look up and know that all depends upon him.

Now, by the lilies of Christian purity, and by the roses of the Saviour’s atonement, by the roes and by the hinds of the field, we charge you who are lovers of Jesus, to do valiantly in the Holy War, for truth and righteousness, for the kingdom and crown jewels of your Master. Onward! “for the battle is not yours but God’s.”

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  1. Thank you Mike for drawing our attention to this stirring call to faithful prayer and action. Peter Cordle

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