Woolwich Terror Attack

An unbelievably brutal attack on a soldier took place in Woolwich yesterday. The soldier (so it’s believed) was killed and the killers actually stayed to talk to passers-by and invited people to take video as they talked to the cameras. All this while the victim lays dead in the street.

Archbishop Cranmer has written on it below.


4 thoughts on “Woolwich Terror Attack

  1. England needs to react to this swiftly and sternly before this situation worsens for the citizens of England. My prayers are for the family.

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    The Woolwich Terrorist Attack was a serious incident which happened in the United Kingdom. Two crazy people attacked a British solider with multiple weapons until he was dead. The murderers then prompted the public to take pictures and video footage of them while they made political statements. Armed Police showed up shortly and shot the attackers with a fire arm.

    This attack effected the world globally and our support is with Lee Rigby’s Family.

    Rest In Perfect Peace Lee Rigby.

    This Ebook explains what exactly happened, Why this tragic incident took place and the murderers previous background including connections with British special forces (MI-5 & MI-6).

    From reading this Ebook you will have a full understanding about the following;

    1. What actually happened in detail.
    2. Lee Rigby’s Background.
    3. The murderers Background including close connections with British special Forces (MI-5 & MI-6).
    4. Other arrests and house raids that have recently taken place in connection to this brutal murder.
    4. Britain’s history in the middle east.
    5. The most apprehensive outcome for theses attackers.

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