Trevor Thomas – Water to a weary soul

My very good friend Trevor Thomas preached an excellent sermon the other week and I’ve meant to post it ever since. It was a really great sermon that deserves wider recognition. We have been friends since about 1980. Trevor is a gifted preacher and spent about 9 years as a missionary / Pastor of a church in Palma, Majorca. Sounds very exotic, but the apartment – over the church – was situated next to the main motorway ring road. You could just about see the sea if you stretched out to look over all the other flats. It also meant no escape from Pastoral duties. He has a Spanish wife and is fluent in Spanish as are the three boys. The Lord blessed his ministry there and several people were converted under it. Trevor is back in the UK and has been for a few years now. He is also a skilled carpenter and teaches at a local college. Thankfully he still preaches and preaches frequently in our church where we are both members.

Anyway, to the sermon. The reading was John 4: 1 – 26 and the text from Proverbs 25:25:

‘As cold water to a weary soul,
So is good news from a far country.’ (NKJV)

The sermon is a great example of Gospel preaching and how to preach from the Old Testament. I thank God for Trevor. The link is below, listen and be blessed through it.

Water to a weary soul

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