The West & Islam – something to consider

I’m almost at the end of ‘God’s Battalions‘ by Rodney Stark and it’s a really good read. The following quotation, I think, sums up the difficulty that faces the West. As said before, thankfully, most Muslims live in contradiction to their violent founder. Here’s the quote:

The Crusader Kingdoms were never at peace, nor could they have been. As Jonathan Riley-Smith explained, “for ideological reasons, peace with the Muslim world was unattainable.” Temporary treaties were possible, but, given the doctrine of jihad (holy war), no lasting peace could be achieved except by surrender. p.184.

Western governments ought to ponder this ideology very carefully because this is still the aim of Islam – surrender.

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3 thoughts on “The West & Islam – something to consider

  1. I plan to pick this book up sometime but alas I’m drowned in books including the one you sent me. Good point with the quotation. I don’t think one can ever fully have peace with Islam.

    1. Hmm, drowning in books. Frustrating. Are these books for your studies? You’ll have to prioritise – but then you know that 🙂
      We all appreciate your reviews though.

      1. Oh sorry I didn’t mean to convey that I was frustrated. I love reading…it’s just there’s too many books and not enough time =) I’m done with school now, and I am glad in one sense because it allows me more opportunity to do ministry…and study on my own. Thanks Mike, I hope to pick up this book sometime this year.

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