Wishing everyone a Blessed New Year


Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, following or just simply visiting the Blog over 2015. It was quite a year for me personally. As Christians we can look back over trials & blessing but through it all we can say with confidence that He knew the way we would take. None of the last year took God by surprise. Although we can say that, it doesn’t mean the way is easy, nor are we to expect a of ‘bed of roses’. To do so as a Christian is not only foolish but is profoundly un-biblical. Nowhere in the Scripture are we promised a life without pain & suffering. But we are promised to be kept though it (1 Peter 1:5). As Jesus said to Peter ‘I have prayed that your faith does not fail’ (Luke 22:32). We have an intercessor, an advocate, even Jesus Christ the righteous one (1 John 2:1).

With that in mind. May 2016 be a blessed New Year for you all. For some it will mean being kept by the Grace of God that come the end of 2016 you will be able to join me even as at the end of 2015 by raising our Ebenezer and saying ‘Hitherto has the Lord helped us’ (1 Sam 7:12).

For some I pray 2016 will be the year your mouth is stopped as you bow the knee in repentance and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ and receive the free gift of Salvation (Romans 3:19, Mark 1:15, Eph 2:8, 2 Cor 6:2).

May 2016 then, be a Blessed New Year for You.

Thomas Boston Lecture MP3 Available

The MP3 Audio of the  History Lecture Thomas Boston (1676-1732) anticipates the death of Queen Anne’ is now available.

The more I think about it, the lecture was not only a great encouragement, but also very challenging. This is a major purpose of the lectures. It’s not just an opportunity to stuff our heads full of facts – as useful as that might be. But we do see through the lives of Christian men & woman of the past how God has kept them and how in the case of this lecture stepped in providentially to preserve the Church. To have some knowledge of history is really important. I remember a few years ago inviting Iain Murray to come and lecture – he replied ‘are Christians interested in history?’. Quite an indictment, one wonders sometimes.

The lecture spoke powerfully, I thought, into the present situation of the Church. Powerful people die, sometimes unexpectedly. The death of Queen Anne was hugely significant as you will hear. I commend this and the other lectures to you.

The lecture can be downloaded HERE.

Visit my Website for many other history lectures HERE

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