Kindle Surprise!

You’ve seen those Kindle things – all over the place they are. I’ve kind of looked at them. Well, now I have one. My kids clubbed together to buy one for Christmas. Not ever really thinking about buying one, it was s bit of a surprise and the thought ran through my mind – will I really use this. Having played with it for a while and downloaded a few books – the answer is, yes I will.

But what a way they set me up for it. I felt the wrapping and knew it was a book. And from the size of it I hoped it was the  volume of Systematic Theology by Michael Horton – I had dropped a few hints. When I opened the wrapping, it was a book alright! A Gardening Book! I tried to be appreciative, knowing they had my best interests at heart. Gardening is not my thing at all. But! When I opened up the book there inside was a Kindle. Wahoo. They had cut out the inside of the book (The idea of my daughter Lydia)  to fit a Kindle – absolutely brilliant. A real surprise, I had no idea at all.

I have downloaded the sample of Michael Horton’s Systematic Theology, The ESV Bible (print price £22.38 Kindle price £0.00) and put a PDF file on it. If I spot any FREE Kindle books that may be of interest I’ll put up a post about them.

The plan now is to try to modify it. If the modifications happen, and I have some ideas, I’ll post about them here.