“Some people are gay. Get over it” : An example in the “is-ought” problem.

Here’s a good article on yet another Bus Ad campaign to get us all to capitulate to the ‘Gay’ agenda. Hat Tip to Jim over at The Domain for Truth

2 thoughts on ““Some people are gay. Get over it” : An example in the “is-ought” problem.

  1. This is a very helpful article, at work we have had the same message imported on free mugs and coasters etc. Initially I reacted in a moral sense which immediately drew condemnation, but on reflection, had to really consider the issue of person against practice. Apart from the Sodom & Gomorrah incident in the Bible, Romans C1 clearly indicates that God gives a nation over to this practice, but we need as Christians to remember to engage with the person regarding Christ and salvation, especially in light of this, otherwise such persons will not get the depth and seriousness of their predicament. Would you agree? Thank you.

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for the visit and comment. At some point people need to see themselves as sinners before a Holy God. Only God can do that. How we actually engage the person is going to vary a lot. We all struggle with this. It’s not easy to do as you are finding. As for the Public Sphere we need to be gracious but firm in our commitment to what the Bible clearly says and engage the worldview not the person. We don’t make Ad Hominem attacks – or at least we try not to.

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