Issues, Etc.

There is so much good ministry available now via the internet that it’s impossible to listen to it all.

One of the Podcasts I have set up on iTunes is the Talk Radio program Issues, Etc. The program covers a wide range of ‘issues’ mainly from an American perspective yet the ones I do manage to hear are of great value to any Christian – or non-Christian – wherever they might be.  ‘It’s a radio talk show hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken and produced by Lutheran Public Radio’. Don’t be put off by the word Lutheran because there is excellent content across a broad range and the guests are not necessarily Lutheran anyway.

To give a flavour, well known guests across Reformed believers have included Ken Samples, Martin Downes, Kim Riddlebarger, Michael Horton & David Wells.

Topics cover the whole range of human experience so there is most likely a topic of interest for you.  Have a listen for yourself.

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