Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby Speaks

I don’t want to keep going on about this – really I don’t. But it’s exactly as I said right from the word go – Justin Welby is just like the rest. The BBC News Website quotes him as saying;

‘Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said on Friday night the Church of England would now drop its opposition to same-sex marriage, as Parliament had spoken.

“The law’s changed; we accept the situation,” he told the BBC.’

No Justin we don’t accept the situation.  ‘Parliament had spoken’ Justin said. But hadn’t God already spoken. The Word of God for the Archbishop is clearly of no consequence. As I’ve said many times this isn’t about ‘having a go at Gays’ or intolerance, the issues are much bigger than that. The Archbishop has put the Word of God to one side and replaced it with the word of men. That is the issue. Do we accept the word of men, or the Word of God?

Here’s how crazy the logic is. In the same BBC piece a CofE Vicar said;

‘Mr Cain, who plans to marry his partner in the summer, said he would do so whether the Church (and the Bible) approved or not (the Bible doesn’t).

“It is more important to do what is right than to be frightened into not doing what I believe to be true.’

But Mr Cain, I believe it’s false. So where does that leave us. Clearly we need a more sure word, an objective Truth. I wonder where we could find such a thing? Surprise surprise! In the Bible Mr Cain. Why is Mr Cain a minister when he doesn’t believe any of it.

Just because Archbishop Welby and his politically correct Godless mates accept it – some of us don’t. Just because Same-sex marriage is now legal, that doesn’t make it right. To do that, Parliament will need to change the Word of God. If it were possible they would. Don’t underestimate the wiles of Satan, he will make every effort to sideline the Bible, and with the help of the Archbishop. Historically, not an unusual occurrence! Don’t think it will stop here.

Thankfully Jesus said ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.’ (Mat 24.35)

4 thoughts on “Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby Speaks

  1. My…I suppose the pressure of the homosexual lobby will definitely reveal those who are weak as compromisers and also where they really stand…as in the case of the Archbishop of Cant.

  2. Heard Welby on the radio this morning. He had every opportunity to call same-sex marriage sin regardless of what the Government calls it. The silence was deafening!

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