Abortion Holocaust

7,000,000+ abortions have taken place in the UK since the abortion act in 1967.  It’s disgusting then to hear on the news today of a woman being taken to court over the deaths of 4 babies that she alleges to have been still-born. The news is, she could serve a term in prison. The crime according to the news report is concealing the births.

The question I’m left asking is; who will speak out for the unborn – those killed, murdered in the womb that have never seen the light of day and whose future has been taken away from them. Will they have, as it were, their day in court to bring a charge against the state – the so-called ‘civilised society’ that continues to conceal its awful crime. Funny isn’t it how governments can outlaw ‘Holocaust Denial’ when a Holocaust of similar proportions can be totally ignored

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